25 Sep

Zip International Say If You Want To Be Successful You Better Get Organized

As the old saying goes, ‘a tidy desk means a tidy mind’ and this is very true in business. It is no coincidence that the most effective and successful business people are the ones who understand the importance of organization and structure in their working lives. One company who completely agree with this ethos is Zip International, a specialist direct marketing company based in Vancouver. Their Managing Director, Kai Petrich, is a great fan of implementing and maintaining structure within his business and it is in no small part one of the reasons why he is enjoying so much success in his endeavors.

Kai Petrich says, ‘If you want to maintain an organized business then you simply must start by implementing structure across the board. Firstly, this means that you must have a tidy and organized office in which to work and host clients, so make sure that it is regularly cleaned and that you have a good routine when it comes to tidying and filing. There is nothing more off-putting and distracting than stacks of paper dotted randomly around an office. These days with computerized storage and more and more online resources you simply do not need your office to be cluttered up with reams of paper. Implementing structure also applies to your diary and the way in which you carry out your work. Be strategic, run your diary efficiently so that you don’t overbook and so that you allow yourself enough time for travel etc. and make sure you plan each day thoroughly so that not a minute is wasted. Planning your time effectively is a really important skill to learn and you will reap the benefits once you get in the swing of it. Getting into good routines will help you tick off jobs from your to-do list quickly and efficiently and the margin for error will be minimal. Being this organized will also go a long way towards keeping your stress levels down!’

Zip International is an ambitious direct marketing company that specializes in bringing clients face to face with potential new customers. They use tried and tested techniques and devise personalized strategies unique to each client to ensure that the success rate is as high as possible. Direct marketing has long been regarded as by far the most efficient way to attract new customers and boost profit, and Mr Petrich and his organized office are leading the field in this area.


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