07 Jun

Zip International Review Why Informing your Customers is so Crucial

In most lines of business, getting long term customers is important. In some areas, it is crucial. In things like telecommunications where your packages require customers to take out contracts that last for months or even years, you need to be able to give the customer enough information that they feel comfortable about that level of commitment. Zip International is a leading USA marketing firm who deal with winning over new customers for a major telecommunications client. They have been doing this very successfully, signing up around 460 new customers per week alone. Here,Zip International review why it is so important to give the right level of information to customers if you want to win them for the long term:

‘In certain industries, you are asking clients to commit to working with you for quite a long period of time, for example if they choose you as a service provider for something they will be using on a long term monthly contract. When this is the case, such as it is in telecommunications, you really need to make people feel that they completely understand what kind of service they can expect and exactly what is and is not included in the package they have chosen.’ began Kai Petrich, managing director of Zip International.

‘There are several ways to achieve this in your marketing approach, and we have found that talking to people face to face as well as providing good literature and welcome packs is a great way to make people feel at ease with your business, and like they understand everything they are signing up for. The face to face approach works best of all because people then know they have someone they can ask questions to, and it gives you as a marketer an opportunity to set their minds at ease.’ Kai Petrich of Zip International continued.

Information can be provided in a number of ways, but making sure it is easy for customers to find the help they want online and also allowing them easy ways to talk to a real person, for example in retail outlets or over the phone, makes it far more likely that they will feel comfortable and confident about agreeing to a long term relationship with your business. If information is hard to find or difficult to understand, the opposite tends to be true, and you will find it harder to win business.

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