05 Oct

Zip International Look At The Brain Based Method

A start up entrepreneur often does everything by themselves, so they have to juggle a lot of balls in the air at any one time. This can involve formulating plans and strategies, creating a product or service, negotiating sales, fulfilling orders, and keeping control of the accounts. As a company expands this can become more and more difficult, however good at multitasking a person may be. An article on Inc.com looked at a brain-based method for greater effectiveness. Here, Zip International review the article, and look at how entrepreneurs can benefit from it.

“Every entrepreneur has to multitask at various times in their business life, but working smarter can bring better results”, said, the director Kai Petrich of Zip International. “That’s why this fascinating article can help entrepreneurs in all sectors to achieve great results. It shows how it can often be more effective to focus on one thing than doing lots of things at the same time.”

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a great multitasker, and it can become a point of honour to be able to do as many things as possible at the same time. In reality, as the Inc. article shows, such entrepreneurs can be damaging their business rather than advancing it. Science shows that we only have a limited amount of brain power that can be used at any one moment, so multitasking is simply wasting time rather than doing multiple tasks successfully.

By concentrating on one task, you can focus all your brain energy on it. Each time a task is added, the amount allocated to each task is halved. It can clearly be seen then, that by adding just two or three tasks, it becomes almost impossible to complete any of them to a satisfactory level. This is because each time the brain moves from one task to another it embarks on a two stage process of firstly deciding to switch tasks, and then applying the rules for the new task. This takes time and effort.

“Science has shown that our brains struggle to do more than one thing at once”, said the MD Kai Petrich of Zip International. “To combat this, it’s a good idea to have all distractions, such as smart phones, switched off or to silent when you’re working on an important task. It can also help to outsource some activities, such as marketing, to specialists, leaving you to concentrate on the strategic side of your business.”

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