25 Jul

Zip International on the Importance of Team Socials


Studies have proven that companies who treat and invite their team to after hours, social activities, have a higher success and productivity rate, and achieve higher results than those who do not. Direct marketing businesses who have a fun culture amongst the team, will produce a better quality of customer service and work ethic from workers who are motivated and excited to be apart of their team.


Kai Petrich, managing director of Zip International and his team who are based in Vancouver Canada, don’t go a single week without at least two team socials, out of office hours. “From a casual sit down in a local bar or restaurant with team dinners, to indoor dodgeball and trampolining, we are always thinking of fun and new ways to create excitement and enjoyable social time for our hard working team, to let their hair down” says Kai Petrich.


Team members who know and are shown that they are a key player on our road to success, will work harder and take more pride in the quality of their service, when they feel that their hard work is much appreciated. “We take care of each and every last one of our team, we take the time to get to know them professionally and personally and everybody looks out for one another. They are all enthusiastic and excited when they come to work in the mornings, especially more so after an evening of frolicking and blowing off steam at team night. They are serious too tho, they are the perfect time for the team to speak to each other, network, ask questions and learn from each other so they can work on their strengths and weaknesses going forward” Kai explains.


Based in Vancouver, also known as the ‘global trendsetter’ of America, the team at Zip International are certainly never short of fun things to do or swanky bars to hang out in.

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