10 Apr

Zip International on the Importance of Networking

Recently, the assistant manager of Zip International, Vancouver based marketing firm, made his way through Canada meeting with industry peers on a networking expedition that was a huge success. In fact, Kai Petrich, Zip International’s manager explains that networking should be a vital function within any business no matter how large or small, no matter what industry is involved.

“No business can keep the doors open for long without a constant influx of business and the best way to accomplish this is to get out and about so that people know who you are. However, networking is more than getting leads for new sales or good deals from suppliers. Networking is perhaps the key component in branding,” Kai Petrich explains.

Over and over again it is being evidenced that today’s consumer wants to know the face behind a brand. Millennials especially don’t want to buy products or from companies they cannot engage with. It’s all about trust and unless you meet someone, shake their hand, make eye contact, it is extremely hard to develop a sense of trust.

“Sure, companies that have been around for a number of years have had the time to establish a loyal customer base and list of suppliers,” Kai Petrich goes on to say, “but what about startups? How are consumers to know who you are, what you do and even more importantly, that you can do what you say you can? Meeting them face to face, one on one, gives them a chance to meet you up close and personal. They can read your nonverbal communications to see that you are on the up and up. They can assess your body language to see just how comfortable you are when making claims about your products and services.”

Zip International believes in putting their money where their mouth is. They do, in fact, encourage their employees to get out there in the field networking. They have had great successes doing just that and now it’s time to show their clients that some good old-fashioned handshaking is often what it takes to close a deal.

Not only will you get that client, but you will leave the door open for your well-satisfied customers to suggest you to their own peers and clients. Effective networking has all but become a lost art in this digital age and Zip International is here to prove that sometimes it just takes learning from the past. Want to succeed? Get out there and network. It really could be just that simple.

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