27 May

Zip International on the Importance of Mom in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Kai Petrich of Zip International has been thinking about Mother’s Day that was recently celebrated in the United States. Having been raised by a mom who taught him right from wrong, was a source of moral support when confronted with many of life’s hard-fought lessons and taught him always to look over the horizon because a new day always awaits, he recognizes the role of a mother in every entrepreneur’s life.

Kai says, “For entrepreneurs, timeless motherly advice resonates. Whether it comes to making a decision about turning a passion into a company, navigating the challenges of starting a business or interacting with people from all walks of life, these lessons ring true throughout every life and career stage.” His mother was often his guiding light when confronted with decisions that needed to be made.

As a successful entrepreneur and marketing expert, Kai Petrich is often heard openly expressing his gratitude to his mother for being there when life’s lessons needed to be learned. To this day he carries his mother’s words of wisdom and encouragement with him no matter where he goes or what he does. In fact, it is often a mother’s faith in her child’s ability to conquer the dragons that enables him or her to step out boldly as an entrepreneur.

He also believes that many entrepreneurs wouldn’t have the ambition they have if it weren’t for the example set by their parents. A deeply rooted work ethic is often the key to success and in his words, “Just as important as innovation and creativity. Without a foundation in hard work and positive thinking, few entrepreneurs would make it off the ground.”

Zip International has an innovative team mindset and is widely renowned within the industry for their creative approach to marketing their clients’ brands and products. But as Kai Petrich says, “Without a team that is willing to work long and hard, giving every campaign their all, we couldn’t have done all that we did for our clients.”

So on these days just following Mother’s Day, Kai Petrich and the entire Zip International team recognize the role moms have played in raising up successful entrepreneurs. They wish each and every mother a very happy belated Mother’s Day and a wonderful year ahead. He concludes, “This year we will pay a special attention to the words that resonate from our hearts and as we do, we will thank Mom for burning those words into the very core of our being. So thank you mom for helping us grow into the successful people we have become.”

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