08 Aug

Zip International Host Motivational Meeting on Positive Mentality

Sales and marketing firm, Zip International have revealed the importance of developing a positive mentality with an informative workshop.

Zip International is a unique sales and marketing business that mainly focuses their attention on achieving high quality results for their clients as well as growth and personal development opportunities within the firm. The firm offer a unique business development opportunity, which allows their team to experience a busy sales environment whilst developing their own skills in leadership, public speaking, financing and business management.

Zip International understands that sales can be a challenging area of business and therefore regularly organizes motivational meetings and workshops for their team members in order to inspire and motivate them to overcome these challenges.

The most recent topic of conversation at the workshop was mentality and attitude. Zip International are strong believers in positive mentality and outline how believing in something often means it will be achieved. “This all comes down to having a positive mindset. If you want to win, you will,” highlights the firm’s Managing Director, Kai Petrich.

At the workshop, Zip International’ MD, Kai Petrich, told the story of two salespeople visiting a faraway land where they were supposed to be selling shoes. Upon arrival, the two men noticed that the people of this land did not wear shoes. One salesman took this negatively and said, “They don’t even wear shoes, how am I supposed to sell these to them?” Whereas the other salesman saw this in a positive light and said, “None of them have shoes, they will all need a pair of these shoes!” The salesperson who had already given up didn’t make any money. However, the salesman who had the positive attitude sold lots of shoes and made lots of money.

Zip International highlight how this is a great example of how having a positive mentality can help a person succeed, even in times of adversity. The firm is confident that this story demonstrated to their team of sales professionals how just switching their attitudes and way of thinking can have a lasting impact on their success.

Zip International is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Vancouver. The firm specialize in a personalized form of marketing, which allows them to connect with consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. By connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis the firm is able to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness for their clients.

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