08 Jul

Zip International Discover 5 Habits That Help you Learn Much Faster

The direct marketing industry is constantly developing and Zip International understand exactly how crucial it is to keep well informed with the contemporary marketing trends. Managing director Kai Petrich encourages his team of marketing experts to maintain that student mentality and absorb new information just like a soapy sponge. “We have graduated the classroom and been promoted to real life, we have to maintain that student mentality but also we have to get to work to, so I train my team habits to make them learn, faster” explains Kai.

Kai gave us permission to pick at his very own ‘sponge’ and we quizzed him on his top five habits to help us learn faster.

Take Notes

Obvious right? Basic information, you already know and already put this use day every day. However it is most important that we keep a record of the thoughts, reactions and questions which we have at the time. Kai makes sure his team are physically writing things down in training, as this has been proven to help our brain analyze the information as the mind is physically using with that information.

Exercise Your Brain

“Increasing our learning speed starts with our brain, our most valuable muscle, we have to train our brain”, Kai advices. There are many simple and effective ways to do this; setting yourself challenges or using fun brain training games, IQ tests, number games etc.

Speed Reading

Reading regularly is very important, but balancing life and books can sometimes be overwhelming for some. “Reading should become a habit, but reading at a speedy pace enables you to skim through the text and filter the important information” Kai explains. Skimming is used to read through a paragraph very quickly, so you can find the keywords and information you need, for a much faster learning experience.  

Get Hands on Experience

“Immerse yourself in the learning experience, engage and practise the topic you are learning. For example I train my team to immediately practise their product knowledge toward a live audience in a real life situation, that way they perfect their pitch much quicker” Kai explains.

Teach Somebody What you are Learning

“When delivering information which you are teaching yourself to another, you will subconsciously present the information in a structured way which is understandable. You will become more confident about your understanding of the information and discover quickly how much you have learned”, Kai advices.

Great tips from from managing director Kai Petrich, train your ‘sponge’ to create these habits and you will be learning much faster.


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