27 Aug

Zip International Analyze The Importance Of Regularly Setting Goals

If you are a visionary reading this post, you will already have a set of goals in mind and you will undoubtedly, already be implementing the actions, and working towards achieving them. You may have already accomplished those goals, so you might now have slowed down and be wondering what it is you should be doing next? Zip International and managing director Kai Petrich advise that you should be setting new goals for yourself, “keep the game going, do not slow down and bask in your achievement, do not take your eye off of the ball, a soccer game doesn’t stop once one goal has been scored, does it?”, says Kai.

Kai became a CEO of his own direct marketing firm because he set himself realistic goals and then put in the work to make them a reality, but he had to set several smaller steps before the big prize, you could not make a cake without the specific ingredients and the baking process, could you? “I did not just ask to be a business owner, I didn’t wait years to have my hard work noticed and earn a potential promotion to assistant manager, no, I worked on personally developing myself as an entrepreneur and set small goals for myself. One of my first goals when aiming towards being a CEO, was to make sure for 6 consecutive days, that I was the first person into the office every morning  and last to leave at the end to network with my mentors, check. I then felt confident enough to go for it the next week, I never slowed down when working on my vision.”, Says Kai Petrich, CEO of Zip International.

The mindset of a goal setter, is an easy process to teach oneself , a simple habit, which when maintained, can mean success in high volumes. Much like the journey of our managing director Kai Petrich of Zip International, before and post, his major successes as a self made entrepreneur in his field of direct marketing. His vision of managing a successful enterprise for his clients was of priority to Kai, he knew the steps he had to take to get to where he wanted in his career. “ You should set clear long and short term goals, that will help you get things done on the path to greatness and on schedule, you must be obtaining the correct goals to match your level of growth. There is no point working tirelessly to develop yourself and out growing your goals, make sure to consistently strike off accomplished goals and create new ones, this will keep you going on your journey to success and you will not slow down” advises Kai Petrich.

Goal setters, of course, wouldn’t be able to turn their neatly presented list of ideas into a reality without the influence of a dedicated visionary, the mindset of a successful entrepreneur who implements every idea they have, tries and fails hand in hand, can see their success on a mass level, works hard and creates hard working habits. Taking these actions will turn your goals into realities.

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