28 Apr

R&R for a Job Well Done – Zip International Sends a Team to Paradise in Cabo

Vancouver marketing firm, Zip International, knows what hard work is all about. Not only are they responsible for the success of their own company but when clients put their marketing needs into the hands of a Zip International marketing exec, that professional now has the success of both firms in his or her hands. When it comes to marketing, a lot of thought, effort and expertise goes into each and every task all day, every day. That’s hard work indeed and it’s why Kai Petrich, Director of Zip International, enjoys rewarding his teams with that bit of extra R&R that is well deserved.

“I know my team works hard,” Kai Petrich says with feeling. “They are on the job even when they aren’t physically on the job because their minds run 24/7 thinking of ways best to market their clients’ brands, products and services. One thing that many people don’t understand about marketing is that it encompasses so much more than advertising. It is a whole package that begins with analytics, and ends with bringing our clients to the public. There are a lot of steps in between and you are constantly on the move. I love rewarding our top performers for a job well done and this year sending them to Cabo is as much a treat for me as it is for them!”

Located on the Baja Peninsula of California in the Mexican state of Baja, Cabo San Lucas is a tourist resort to end all tourist resorts. With lovely beaches, lots of sunshine throughout the entire year and a wide assortment of clubs, restaurants and shops to explore, this is more than a bit of R&R. It’s a vacation in paradise! Lovingly referred to as simply “Cabo” in the United States, a great many of the visitors to this resort on the crystal blue waters of the Pacific come from locations throughout North and South America. Here the locals are mostly bilingual as a result so the Zip International team will have no problems making their way around.

“Sometimes it’s good to offer an in-house promotion or contest to get things moving along,” the Director of Zip International notes, “however, my team works hard even without that extra incentive. The client is their chief focus and if they get an extra reward in the process it’s nice but it’s not their main motivation. They succeed when their clients succeed and that is a reward that just can’t be equaled.” With the success ratio experienced by Zip International, it’s evident that each and every member of the team is handpicked for his or her customer-oriented focus. Well done team and enjoy your stay in Cabo!

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