05 Oct

Zip International Look At The Brain Based Method

A start up entrepreneur often does everything by themselves, so they have to juggle a lot of balls in the air at any one time. This can involve formulating plans and strategies, creating a product or service, negotiating sales, fulfilling orders, and keeping control of the accounts. As a company expands this can become more and more difficult, however good at multitasking a person may be. An article on Inc.com looked at a brain-based method for greater effectiveness. Here, Zip International review the article, and look at how entrepreneurs can benefit from it.

“Every entrepreneur has to multitask at various times in their business life, but working smarter can bring better results”, said, the director Kai Petrich of Zip International. “That’s why this fascinating article can help entrepreneurs in all sectors to achieve great results. It shows how it can often be more effective to focus on one thing than doing lots of things at the same time.”

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a great multitasker, and it can become a point of honour to be able to do as many things as possible at the same time. In reality, as the Inc. article shows, such entrepreneurs can be damaging their business rather than advancing it. Science shows that we only have a limited amount of brain power that can be used at any one moment, so multitasking is simply wasting time rather than doing multiple tasks successfully.

By concentrating on one task, you can focus all your brain energy on it. Each time a task is added, the amount allocated to each task is halved. It can clearly be seen then, that by adding just two or three tasks, it becomes almost impossible to complete any of them to a satisfactory level. This is because each time the brain moves from one task to another it embarks on a two stage process of firstly deciding to switch tasks, and then applying the rules for the new task. This takes time and effort.

“Science has shown that our brains struggle to do more than one thing at once”, said the MD Kai Petrich of Zip International. “To combat this, it’s a good idea to have all distractions, such as smart phones, switched off or to silent when you’re working on an important task. It can also help to outsource some activities, such as marketing, to specialists, leaving you to concentrate on the strategic side of your business.”

Zip International are experts in direct marketing. Their bespoke campaigns attract new high quality customers, and enhance brand awareness.

25 Sep

Zip International Say If You Want To Be Successful You Better Get Organized

As the old saying goes, ‘a tidy desk means a tidy mind’ and this is very true in business. It is no coincidence that the most effective and successful business people are the ones who understand the importance of organization and structure in their working lives. One company who completely agree with this ethos is Zip International, a specialist direct marketing company based in Vancouver. Their Managing Director, Kai Petrich, is a great fan of implementing and maintaining structure within his business and it is in no small part one of the reasons why he is enjoying so much success in his endeavors.

Kai Petrich says, ‘If you want to maintain an organized business then you simply must start by implementing structure across the board. Firstly, this means that you must have a tidy and organized office in which to work and host clients, so make sure that it is regularly cleaned and that you have a good routine when it comes to tidying and filing. There is nothing more off-putting and distracting than stacks of paper dotted randomly around an office. These days with computerized storage and more and more online resources you simply do not need your office to be cluttered up with reams of paper. Implementing structure also applies to your diary and the way in which you carry out your work. Be strategic, run your diary efficiently so that you don’t overbook and so that you allow yourself enough time for travel etc. and make sure you plan each day thoroughly so that not a minute is wasted. Planning your time effectively is a really important skill to learn and you will reap the benefits once you get in the swing of it. Getting into good routines will help you tick off jobs from your to-do list quickly and efficiently and the margin for error will be minimal. Being this organized will also go a long way towards keeping your stress levels down!’

Zip International is an ambitious direct marketing company that specializes in bringing clients face to face with potential new customers. They use tried and tested techniques and devise personalized strategies unique to each client to ensure that the success rate is as high as possible. Direct marketing has long been regarded as by far the most efficient way to attract new customers and boost profit, and Mr Petrich and his organized office are leading the field in this area.


05 Sep

Zip International Uncover Top Money And Time Saving Tips For Those Important Business Trips

It’s common knowledge between entrepreneurs that If you want to grow your business, you’re going to need to do some traveling. That could mean meeting a new client cross country, speaking at a local event or flying into the city to attend a conference, business travel is imperative. Amongst public transport and the cost, traveling can sometimes seem daunting to those who are not used to the lifestyle. Zip International are frequent travelers in their field, they are quite the experts at traveling cross country several times a month. Managing director Kai Petrich has kindly shared with us his top tips for making business trips a smoother, and cost effective experience.

Top tip – Travel with only carry-on luggage. This is One of the easiest ways to save time and most importantly, money. By not checking in luggage you will save time queuing to check in your bag and again at the other end when you wait to pick it up from baggage claim. Not to mention it frees you up from having to pay those expensive fees if your luggage is over the weight limit. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you can squeeze into a carry on case, and most airlines allow a generous 22 inch X 14inch bag. But always remember the number one rule for traveling, carry on style – 100ML liquids only, in a sealed, not so stylish, plastic baggy.

Comparing prices of transport and accommodation is just the obvious step to cutting costs on the road. Kai Petrich advises using sites like, Skyscanner, Expedia, Kayak and Hotel.com. As well as route planning tools from sites like Rome2Rio and Google Maps. Ground transportation can be the biggest expense, especially when you’re in a new place and maybe not feeling up to attempting to navigate your way around, so instead you swallow the idea of meter run cab. Why not use the likes of Uber or lyft instead. Be prepared and download the app in advance, connect your business account and all receipts will be emailed to you which you can later file for travel expenses. With these services You can replace renting a car, working out how to use the public transportation or using those map coordinates on foot. Not only do Uber and Lyft save you time, it can also save you some dough since you’re paying only for the distance that you travel, as opposed to purchasing an all-day train pass, for example.

Managing director Kai Petrich’s last piece of solid travel advice which he lends his team, is to find an alternative to a hotel. With Airbnb and clean hostels, you can find affordable accommodation with all of the provisions of home. Occasionally, the host even leaves you some snacks and drinks like water and coffee, this saves you some money on refreshments during the day – win.


27 Aug

Zip International Analyze The Importance Of Regularly Setting Goals

If you are a visionary reading this post, you will already have a set of goals in mind and you will undoubtedly, already be implementing the actions, and working towards achieving them. You may have already accomplished those goals, so you might now have slowed down and be wondering what it is you should be doing next? Zip International and managing director Kai Petrich advise that you should be setting new goals for yourself, “keep the game going, do not slow down and bask in your achievement, do not take your eye off of the ball, a soccer game doesn’t stop once one goal has been scored, does it?”, says Kai.

Kai became a CEO of his own direct marketing firm because he set himself realistic goals and then put in the work to make them a reality, but he had to set several smaller steps before the big prize, you could not make a cake without the specific ingredients and the baking process, could you? “I did not just ask to be a business owner, I didn’t wait years to have my hard work noticed and earn a potential promotion to assistant manager, no, I worked on personally developing myself as an entrepreneur and set small goals for myself. One of my first goals when aiming towards being a CEO, was to make sure for 6 consecutive days, that I was the first person into the office every morning  and last to leave at the end to network with my mentors, check. I then felt confident enough to go for it the next week, I never slowed down when working on my vision.”, Says Kai Petrich, CEO of Zip International.

The mindset of a goal setter, is an easy process to teach oneself , a simple habit, which when maintained, can mean success in high volumes. Much like the journey of our managing director Kai Petrich of Zip International, before and post, his major successes as a self made entrepreneur in his field of direct marketing. His vision of managing a successful enterprise for his clients was of priority to Kai, he knew the steps he had to take to get to where he wanted in his career. “ You should set clear long and short term goals, that will help you get things done on the path to greatness and on schedule, you must be obtaining the correct goals to match your level of growth. There is no point working tirelessly to develop yourself and out growing your goals, make sure to consistently strike off accomplished goals and create new ones, this will keep you going on your journey to success and you will not slow down” advises Kai Petrich.

Goal setters, of course, wouldn’t be able to turn their neatly presented list of ideas into a reality without the influence of a dedicated visionary, the mindset of a successful entrepreneur who implements every idea they have, tries and fails hand in hand, can see their success on a mass level, works hard and creates hard working habits. Taking these actions will turn your goals into realities.

08 Aug

Zip International Host Motivational Meeting on Positive Mentality

Sales and marketing firm, Zip International have revealed the importance of developing a positive mentality with an informative workshop.

Zip International is a unique sales and marketing business that mainly focuses their attention on achieving high quality results for their clients as well as growth and personal development opportunities within the firm. The firm offer a unique business development opportunity, which allows their team to experience a busy sales environment whilst developing their own skills in leadership, public speaking, financing and business management.

Zip International understands that sales can be a challenging area of business and therefore regularly organizes motivational meetings and workshops for their team members in order to inspire and motivate them to overcome these challenges.

The most recent topic of conversation at the workshop was mentality and attitude. Zip International are strong believers in positive mentality and outline how believing in something often means it will be achieved. “This all comes down to having a positive mindset. If you want to win, you will,” highlights the firm’s Managing Director, Kai Petrich.

At the workshop, Zip International’ MD, Kai Petrich, told the story of two salespeople visiting a faraway land where they were supposed to be selling shoes. Upon arrival, the two men noticed that the people of this land did not wear shoes. One salesman took this negatively and said, “They don’t even wear shoes, how am I supposed to sell these to them?” Whereas the other salesman saw this in a positive light and said, “None of them have shoes, they will all need a pair of these shoes!” The salesperson who had already given up didn’t make any money. However, the salesman who had the positive attitude sold lots of shoes and made lots of money.

Zip International highlight how this is a great example of how having a positive mentality can help a person succeed, even in times of adversity. The firm is confident that this story demonstrated to their team of sales professionals how just switching their attitudes and way of thinking can have a lasting impact on their success.

Zip International is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Vancouver. The firm specialize in a personalized form of marketing, which allows them to connect with consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. By connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis the firm is able to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness for their clients.

25 Jul

Zip International on the Importance of Team Socials


Studies have proven that companies who treat and invite their team to after hours, social activities, have a higher success and productivity rate, and achieve higher results than those who do not. Direct marketing businesses who have a fun culture amongst the team, will produce a better quality of customer service and work ethic from workers who are motivated and excited to be apart of their team.


Kai Petrich, managing director of Zip International and his team who are based in Vancouver Canada, don’t go a single week without at least two team socials, out of office hours. “From a casual sit down in a local bar or restaurant with team dinners, to indoor dodgeball and trampolining, we are always thinking of fun and new ways to create excitement and enjoyable social time for our hard working team, to let their hair down” says Kai Petrich.


Team members who know and are shown that they are a key player on our road to success, will work harder and take more pride in the quality of their service, when they feel that their hard work is much appreciated. “We take care of each and every last one of our team, we take the time to get to know them professionally and personally and everybody looks out for one another. They are all enthusiastic and excited when they come to work in the mornings, especially more so after an evening of frolicking and blowing off steam at team night. They are serious too tho, they are the perfect time for the team to speak to each other, network, ask questions and learn from each other so they can work on their strengths and weaknesses going forward” Kai explains.


Based in Vancouver, also known as the ‘global trendsetter’ of America, the team at Zip International are certainly never short of fun things to do or swanky bars to hang out in.

08 Jul

Zip International Discover 5 Habits That Help you Learn Much Faster

The direct marketing industry is constantly developing and Zip International understand exactly how crucial it is to keep well informed with the contemporary marketing trends. Managing director Kai Petrich encourages his team of marketing experts to maintain that student mentality and absorb new information just like a soapy sponge. “We have graduated the classroom and been promoted to real life, we have to maintain that student mentality but also we have to get to work to, so I train my team habits to make them learn, faster” explains Kai.

Kai gave us permission to pick at his very own ‘sponge’ and we quizzed him on his top five habits to help us learn faster.

Take Notes

Obvious right? Basic information, you already know and already put this use day every day. However it is most important that we keep a record of the thoughts, reactions and questions which we have at the time. Kai makes sure his team are physically writing things down in training, as this has been proven to help our brain analyze the information as the mind is physically using with that information.

Exercise Your Brain

“Increasing our learning speed starts with our brain, our most valuable muscle, we have to train our brain”, Kai advices. There are many simple and effective ways to do this; setting yourself challenges or using fun brain training games, IQ tests, number games etc.

Speed Reading

Reading regularly is very important, but balancing life and books can sometimes be overwhelming for some. “Reading should become a habit, but reading at a speedy pace enables you to skim through the text and filter the important information” Kai explains. Skimming is used to read through a paragraph very quickly, so you can find the keywords and information you need, for a much faster learning experience.  

Get Hands on Experience

“Immerse yourself in the learning experience, engage and practise the topic you are learning. For example I train my team to immediately practise their product knowledge toward a live audience in a real life situation, that way they perfect their pitch much quicker” Kai explains.

Teach Somebody What you are Learning

“When delivering information which you are teaching yourself to another, you will subconsciously present the information in a structured way which is understandable. You will become more confident about your understanding of the information and discover quickly how much you have learned”, Kai advices.

Great tips from from managing director Kai Petrich, train your ‘sponge’ to create these habits and you will be learning much faster.


07 Jun

Zip International Review Why Informing your Customers is so Crucial

In most lines of business, getting long term customers is important. In some areas, it is crucial. In things like telecommunications where your packages require customers to take out contracts that last for months or even years, you need to be able to give the customer enough information that they feel comfortable about that level of commitment. Zip International is a leading USA marketing firm who deal with winning over new customers for a major telecommunications client. They have been doing this very successfully, signing up around 460 new customers per week alone. Here,Zip International review why it is so important to give the right level of information to customers if you want to win them for the long term:

‘In certain industries, you are asking clients to commit to working with you for quite a long period of time, for example if they choose you as a service provider for something they will be using on a long term monthly contract. When this is the case, such as it is in telecommunications, you really need to make people feel that they completely understand what kind of service they can expect and exactly what is and is not included in the package they have chosen.’ began Kai Petrich, managing director of Zip International.

‘There are several ways to achieve this in your marketing approach, and we have found that talking to people face to face as well as providing good literature and welcome packs is a great way to make people feel at ease with your business, and like they understand everything they are signing up for. The face to face approach works best of all because people then know they have someone they can ask questions to, and it gives you as a marketer an opportunity to set their minds at ease.’ Kai Petrich of Zip International continued.

Information can be provided in a number of ways, but making sure it is easy for customers to find the help they want online and also allowing them easy ways to talk to a real person, for example in retail outlets or over the phone, makes it far more likely that they will feel comfortable and confident about agreeing to a long term relationship with your business. If information is hard to find or difficult to understand, the opposite tends to be true, and you will find it harder to win business.

27 May

Zip International on the Importance of Mom in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Kai Petrich of Zip International has been thinking about Mother’s Day that was recently celebrated in the United States. Having been raised by a mom who taught him right from wrong, was a source of moral support when confronted with many of life’s hard-fought lessons and taught him always to look over the horizon because a new day always awaits, he recognizes the role of a mother in every entrepreneur’s life.

Kai says, “For entrepreneurs, timeless motherly advice resonates. Whether it comes to making a decision about turning a passion into a company, navigating the challenges of starting a business or interacting with people from all walks of life, these lessons ring true throughout every life and career stage.” His mother was often his guiding light when confronted with decisions that needed to be made.

As a successful entrepreneur and marketing expert, Kai Petrich is often heard openly expressing his gratitude to his mother for being there when life’s lessons needed to be learned. To this day he carries his mother’s words of wisdom and encouragement with him no matter where he goes or what he does. In fact, it is often a mother’s faith in her child’s ability to conquer the dragons that enables him or her to step out boldly as an entrepreneur.

He also believes that many entrepreneurs wouldn’t have the ambition they have if it weren’t for the example set by their parents. A deeply rooted work ethic is often the key to success and in his words, “Just as important as innovation and creativity. Without a foundation in hard work and positive thinking, few entrepreneurs would make it off the ground.”

Zip International has an innovative team mindset and is widely renowned within the industry for their creative approach to marketing their clients’ brands and products. But as Kai Petrich says, “Without a team that is willing to work long and hard, giving every campaign their all, we couldn’t have done all that we did for our clients.”

So on these days just following Mother’s Day, Kai Petrich and the entire Zip International team recognize the role moms have played in raising up successful entrepreneurs. They wish each and every mother a very happy belated Mother’s Day and a wonderful year ahead. He concludes, “This year we will pay a special attention to the words that resonate from our hearts and as we do, we will thank Mom for burning those words into the very core of our being. So thank you mom for helping us grow into the successful people we have become.”

28 Apr

R&R for a Job Well Done – Zip International Sends a Team to Paradise in Cabo

Vancouver marketing firm, Zip International, knows what hard work is all about. Not only are they responsible for the success of their own company but when clients put their marketing needs into the hands of a Zip International marketing exec, that professional now has the success of both firms in his or her hands. When it comes to marketing, a lot of thought, effort and expertise goes into each and every task all day, every day. That’s hard work indeed and it’s why Kai Petrich, Director of Zip International, enjoys rewarding his teams with that bit of extra R&R that is well deserved.

“I know my team works hard,” Kai Petrich says with feeling. “They are on the job even when they aren’t physically on the job because their minds run 24/7 thinking of ways best to market their clients’ brands, products and services. One thing that many people don’t understand about marketing is that it encompasses so much more than advertising. It is a whole package that begins with analytics, and ends with bringing our clients to the public. There are a lot of steps in between and you are constantly on the move. I love rewarding our top performers for a job well done and this year sending them to Cabo is as much a treat for me as it is for them!”

Located on the Baja Peninsula of California in the Mexican state of Baja, Cabo San Lucas is a tourist resort to end all tourist resorts. With lovely beaches, lots of sunshine throughout the entire year and a wide assortment of clubs, restaurants and shops to explore, this is more than a bit of R&R. It’s a vacation in paradise! Lovingly referred to as simply “Cabo” in the United States, a great many of the visitors to this resort on the crystal blue waters of the Pacific come from locations throughout North and South America. Here the locals are mostly bilingual as a result so the Zip International team will have no problems making their way around.

“Sometimes it’s good to offer an in-house promotion or contest to get things moving along,” the Director of Zip International notes, “however, my team works hard even without that extra incentive. The client is their chief focus and if they get an extra reward in the process it’s nice but it’s not their main motivation. They succeed when their clients succeed and that is a reward that just can’t be equaled.” With the success ratio experienced by Zip International, it’s evident that each and every member of the team is handpicked for his or her customer-oriented focus. Well done team and enjoy your stay in Cabo!