23 Jun

Zip International Review Patriotic Shopping Habits

We live in a global business world, and a truly multi-cultural society. Internet shopping, allied to fast, reliable and inexpensive shipping options, mean that we can have confidence in buying products from across the world. Despite this, more and more consumers are choosing to buy products that are made a little closer to home. A recent article on Marketresearchworld.net looks at the importance of ‘Made In The USA’ stickers to American consumers. Here, Zip International review the article, and consider the reasons behind patriotic shopping.


“There are many things that influence whether a shopper makes a purchase or not, so it’s important that an entrepreneur should be as informed as possible about them”, said Kai Petrich, director of Zip International. “The price is only one factor, as is the performance of a product, and how well known a brand is. This survey shows that many consumers are putting the place of production as their priority when choosing what to buy.”


The article is based upon a shopper research survey conducted by market research specialists PRS. They asked consumers what influenced what they bought, and why they made the decisions that they did. 83% of respondents say that they notice whether a product has a ‘made in the USA’ sticker on it or not. Of these shoppers, 76% said that they are more likely to buy a product that has a ‘made in the USA’ sticker on it. A similar figure, 76%, said that they also noticed whether products had a ‘made in China’ sticker on them, but with very different results. 57% of respondents said that they would be less likely to buy a product if it was visibly made in China.


What are the reasons behind these figures? Consumers said that they thought goods from China may be of lower quality, or be less safe to use. There may also be issues over the green credentials of a product. Buying locally produced goods reduces the increase on your carbon footprint. It’s also true, of course, that the USA remains a very patriotic country, and shoppers are making their patriotism plain at the tills.


“This article shows how important it is to appeal to patriotic consumers, whatever sector you’re in”, said Kai Petrich. “Make sure that consumers know that your product or service comes from the USA, and use that patriotic element as part of your marketing campaign.”


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